About Us

The values that motivate The Third Space are: 

  • transparency

  • equitable and respectful inclusion

  • open-minded growth

  • collaboration

  • hopeful and bold action


We are committed to being honest and trustworthy. We are committed to promoting a spirit of openness in all that we do. 


We are passionate about creating and cultivating an inclusive community. We are committed to serving all of humanity in a respectful and equitable manner.


We believe in learning, growing and developing throughout life, which involves engaging in open discussions and listening to others.


We are committed to collaborative work that facilitates the collective good and the joint promotion of our common interests.


We are passionate about maintaining positive and hopeful perspectives as a basis for bold and energetic action in our community.


We appreciate your support in helping us continue to provide free coworking and community building at The Third Space. 


331 W. Boyd St.,

Norman, OK 73069





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“We think it’s important to have completely safe and empowering spaces. The Third Space is a place where you can come and just enjoy each other and learn from each other and empower and support each other.”



Jacque Braun

Creative & Operational Director and Co-Founder


As a designer and artist, Jacque wanted a space where she could create alongside other interesting and curious individuals. She believes that working in a colorful, unconventional and mutually supportive environment encourages people to create at a higher level. Her drive to build a vibrant shared workspace that supports community-changing work inspired her to cofound The Third Space. 


Jacque is the co-founder of Equity Brewing Company, the founder of Bluering Design LLC and the designer and creative director for proFmagazine, now Amplify. She worked for OU’s College of International Studies for 13 years. 


“We want all of our workshops here to provide some sort of action item, something you can take away and actually use.” –Jacque 

Suzette Grillot

Co-Founder and Supporter 


Suzette believes that everyone should have a place to work, learn or relax where the feel like they belong. Her dedication to building a supportive community where individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences can come together and talk inspired her to cofound The Third Space. 


Although less involved in the day-to-day operations of The Third Space, Suzette continues to serve as a strong advocate and supporter for the organization. 


Suzette is a professor of international studies at the University of Oklahoma and has lived and worked in the field of higher education for over 30 years.

Jordan Braun

Front Desk Coordinator 

The Space

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